Those with hay fever should stock up on antihistamines this week as pollen levels rise.

The Met Office has warned that the East of England will experience high levels of pollen this week.

Today (May 9), Tuesday (May 10), Thursday (May 12) and Friday (May 13) will have high levels and Wednesday (May 11) will have medium levels.

Across the country there are peaks on Monday and Friday, with Wednesday having the lowest levels this week.

The most prevalent is tree pollen containing oak, birch and grass pollen. Though spores will be limited.

Pollen is an extremely fine powder released by plants during their reproductive cycle which is spread by insects and the wind.

It causes irritation and inflammation in the two in ten who are allergic to it.

The pollen forecast combines Met Office weather data with data from the National Pollen and Aerobiological Unit to produce a five-day forecast.