Robin Hood comes to Harlow this Christmas for a very special pantomime.

Harlow Playhouse celebrates its 50th year with Robin Hood – the Greatest Pantomime Adventure, which is set to dazzle and delight Essex panto audiences of all ages from Friday, December 3 to Sunday, January 2, 2022.

Playing the arrow-shooting heroic outlaw Robin Hood is Jamie Jukes, back at the Harlow Playhouse by popular demand.

“I’m hopefully going to bring some positivity [to the show],” said Jamie in a Zoom chat with this paper.

“I think we need some light after quite a dark period, and hopefully make some people smile, and I will be singing some songs.”

Robin Hood, of course, tries to win the heart of the beautiful Maid Marion, while he and his band of Merry Men try to save the local townsfolk and defeat the wicked Sheriff of Rottingham, played by Tom Pepper.

On what she’ll bring to the show, Amy Goodwin said: “I think for Maid Marion, it’s some ‘Girl Power’, I’m not gonna lie.

“She’s quite feisty and I quite like that. She sticks up for herself. She stands up to the Sheriff.

“I’ll also be singing some lovely, powerful songs. She’s quite sassy as well, which I like.

“It’s nice to have that as the lead love interest, to have a bit of power behind them, rather than just being all cutesy.”

Maid Marion’s isn’t the only feisty female character in KD Theatre Productions’ panto.

Instead of Little John, the show features Hollie Taylor as Little Joan, who, as the name suggests, is diminutive.

Despite her small stature, Little Joan packs a big punch, as Hollie explains.

"When they decided they were going to do Robin Hood this year they decided instead of it being a male heavy show, it would be quite nice for Robin to have a sidekick that was a girl.

"I'm 5ft 2in, so instead of Little John being ironic, it's actually literal. I am 'little' Joan, and 'though she be but little she is fierce'.

"So actually in the show, I do more fighting than Robin Hood. She's kind of his protector, his champion, and brings him down a little peg when he gets over-confident."

Harlow Playhouse audiences will have already seen Hollie on stage.

"I did Treasure Island [at Harlow] last year for 10 shows and got to know the team," said Hollie.

"I was previously cast as Dandini in Cinderella when they were going to do Cinderella."

No Harlow pantomime would be complete without Playhouse favourites Ben Parsley and Jimmy Burton Iles.

Good friends on and off stage, the comedy double act will once again team up as Silly Willy Scarlet and Dame Dolly respectively.

Amy, aka Maid Marion, said: “Book your tickets now because you are in for the greatest surprise and best panto ever.”

Co-star Jamie added: “Come and join us for a fun adventure where we will make you sing, laugh and cry.

“You are going to be in for a treat a feast for the eyes and the ears.”

To book tickets for Robin Hood at Harlow Playhouse, call the box office on 01279 431945 or book online at