Essex Highways is installing an additional 5,000 LED streetlights across the county by the end of the month.

The rollout is well underway with 800 old streetlights currently being replaced every week.

LED lights are more efficient, save on average around 60 percent energy use and thousands of tons of carbon emissions involved in generating electricity.

The lights also contain negligible toxic materials and are expected to last 20 years, whereas half of all sodium lamps fail after five years and must be replaced.

After 25 years it is estimated the net savings for ECC will be around £39 million.

Essex Highways plan to complete 25,000 by Christmas.

The LEDs will be installed area by area until completion in 2024.

This three-year rollout is the final phase of Essex Highways’ LED replacement scheme, with 82,000 lights to be replaced in total on residential roads across Essex.