A company developing technology designed to slash electric vehicle charging times from hours down to minutes is moving to the Chesterford Research Park.

Superdielectrics, which is working on energy storage devices called supercapacitors, has secured research and development laboratories at the park's Science Village.

Supercapacitors are high energy density, low cost, have a low environmental impact and could eventually replace conventional EV batteries.

They store energy using electrodes and electrolytes and both charge and deliver energy quickly, unlike conventional batteries which perform the same task in a much slower way.

Jim Heathcote, CEO of Superdielectrics, said: "We are developing a completely clean and sustainable energy system using our unique high energy density supercapacitor materials.

“We are driven by strong environmental and social values which are shared by Chesterford Research Park.

"These are exciting times as we strive to tackle fundamental scientific problems that could reduce global poverty and starvation while cleaning up the environment.”