Comedian Vic Reeves shares his memories of the 1987 storm through animation.

We have been lucky enough to receive a YouTube video from animator, Alex Collier about the Great Storm in 1987.

Alex found himself animating Vic Reeves’ memories of the storm after contacting Vic about his autobiography.

Alex said:

“I was a big fan of Vic’s autobiography ‘Me:Moir’, which covers his early life in the North. As I’m an animator I approached him to ask of I could bring some of his book to life. He decided to come up with a new story from his time living in London, and chose this particular incident - obviously Vic could have plucked out one of many, many incidents in his life, but the fact he chose this particular night must mean that the events had a big effect on him, and clearly stayed vividly in his mind all these years on!”

Alex even managed to get Vic to voice over the video once he created the animation.

To watch the video click on the play button above.

Can you remember the 1987 storm? Were you affected directly or did you help out others?

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