Want to ensure that nobody moves into your new house before you? Here’s how you can...

Among the excitement, nerves and endless jobs that buying a new home entails, it’s easy to miss a few things off your to-do list. However, forgetting to factor in pest control can put a dampener on the experience.

“Just like us, pests crave warmth, shelter and food,” says Daniel Neves, expert technician at Inoculand Pest Control. “But they won’t wait for an invitation before making themselves at home.

“This is why new property owners need to carry out pest inspections and put measures in place to make sure there are no gate-crashers on moving day.”

Below, Daniel shares his top pest control tips for those moving into a new house.

1. Inspect the property before moving in

Before purchasing your new home, inspections should have been carried out to check the property is in good condition. However, before packing your belongings, it’s good to do a thorough search of the house to check for signs of damp and mould.

If you stumble across any, it’s best to contact a builder or plumber to fix the problem immediately. This will help to prevent further damage and deter flies, cockroaches and rodents.

You should also book a pest control survey. One of our experienced technicians will scour your home for signs of an infestation or entryways which pests could use to get in.

We can recommend the best treatment to help you resolve an issue quickly, also checking for wasp’s nests and helping you to remove them safely.

Our comprehensive rodent-proofing service ensures any potential entrances are sealed. It covers everything from securing vents and drains to repairing cracked brickwork and removing gaps in doors, windows and floors.

2. Tidy your new home and garden

If the property has stood empty for a while, it’s essential to do a deep clean to remove any waste, dust and grime. Cockroaches, rodents and moths are all attracted to mess, so taking the time to clean the house and garden before moving in your belongings is the best way to avoid them invading.

Focus on spaces used for storage such as the attic. You should dispose of any clutter, vacuum the floors and wipe down any surfaces.

Saffron Walden Reporter: A good clean-up of your new garden will offer rodents fewer places to hide.A good clean-up of your new garden will offer rodents fewer places to hide. (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Hiring a skip to clear out any garden waste can also be a good idea. Overgrown bushes and garden debris offer plenty of hiding spaces for rats and mice to reproduce, which is why it’s important to remove them to stop an infestation from spreading.

3. Pack food properly when moving house

No one likes to waste food, and while moving it’s helpful to have a few items on hand that are easy to cook on the first night in your new house. However, it’s important to invest in some air-tight containers to help you safely transport your pantry items.

Make sure any packets are properly sealed and that rice, pasta and cereals are placed in a sealed tub or secure box. This is key to stopping rats, mice and ants from helping themselves before you have a chance.

I’d also recommend cleaning up any crumbs or stains in your new kitchen cupboards before unpacking your cutlery and dinnerware. This should help prevent any unwanted dinner guests.

Saffron Walden Reporter: Inspect second-hand furniture for signs of bedbugs and hoover your sofa to help prevent a carpet beetle infestation.Inspect second-hand furniture for signs of bedbugs and hoover your sofa to help prevent a carpet beetle infestation. (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

4. Check items before moving them into your new home

Lots of pests can get into your new house on the furniture and clothing you bring indoors. If you’ve bought any second-hand furnishings, it’s worth checking them for signs of termites or bedbugs before taking them inside.

When unpacking boxes, open them outside first, to make sure no pests are stowed away. Vacuum your sofa, armchairs and rugs before putting them in the van to reduce the chance of a carpet beetle infestation.

You should also wash any bedding, clothing or blankets at a high temperature before using them to make sure no moths or bedbugs are present.

5. Carry out a pest inspection before selling your property

Before finalising plans for your new home, it’s advisable to book a pest inspection for your current property. This will ensure your home is in good condition for any potential buyers and avert any issues that could cause them to pull out of the sale. After all, the quicker you sell your home, the sooner you can move into your new house and start planning for the future.

Whether buying, selling or letting real estate, Inoculand can help answer any pest questions you may have. They can recommend the best treatments ensuring you have the best beginning in your new home.

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