Drivers who ferry Stansted Airport flyers between Essex, London and their UK destinations could go on strike.

Private hire drivers at StreetCars - the official supplier of pre-paid car rides to London Stansted Airport - could take part in a strike ballot amid a dispute over pay and financial pressures during the cost of living crisis.

GMB trade union organisers have raised concerns StreetCars scrapes more commission from drivers than the former official supplier 24x7 Stansted.

StreetCars - a Manchester-based firm - became the official supplier of pre-booked private hire journeys to the airport on April 1, 2022.

Cenk Kasakci, a StreetCars drivers' representative, alleged workers are raising concerns which fall on deaf ears.

He said: "We are at the end of our tether. Promises are made but habitually broken, management behaviours must change."

Mr Kasakci added: "Many drivers have worked from the airport for years and worked under the previous operator but never saw such behaviour.

"It’s hard enough to manage the current cost of living crisis with the knowledge that StreetCars are currently offering £1,000 to recruit new joiners without considering existing drivers who cannot make ends meet."

A trade union spokesperson said that - in addition to the £1,000 bonus for new recruits - an existing driver was told he could not work for the company because his car was a few months older than the four-year cut-off.

They said the driver was self-funding a replacement, but that there is a lack of availability of brand-new cars.

The spokesperson alleged the company showed no "empathy" towards the worker's situation, which is "of great concern" to other drivers whose cars are approaching the four-year age limit.

The GMB spokesperson also said the StreetCars takes 45.5 per cent of each fare, which they said is "staggering" when drivers pay between £700 and £900 a month to rent the vehicles on top of fuel and insurance.

"Rates are simply not keeping pace with driver’s expenses or inflation," the spokesperson said.

Steve Garelick, of GMB London, said: "StreetCars’ senior management has avoided all engagement with GMB, even citing that they have been advised not to talk to us by their solicitors, despite a previous recognition agreement being in place with its predecessor 24x7.

"We note that StreetCars is furious at being challenged over issues, but drivers at Stansted are not being listened to.

"It’s time for StreetCars to invite GMB to negotiations if they wish to avoid a ballot for industrial action."