Saffron Walden District Scouts have been celebrating after taking on their annual Jailbreak challenge - one of the largest district events - for the 20th year.

The aim of the event is for the teams to get from Point A at midday on Saturday to the end base at Point B by between 11.30am and midday on Sunday.

This year 29 teams took part, comprised of around 230 Scouts, Explorer Scouts and adults from Saffron Walden district and beyond.

While each team starts the event with 10 'lives', they are encouraged to pick up extra lives en route - avoiding losing lives to catching teams of leaders, who chase them on bicycles and in cars.

It is up to each individual team to decide how and where they will eat, and whether are going to camp.

This year saw the 1st Newport and 1st Clavering retain their shield in the Scout section, with their 'Chasers' team declared the winners.

The winners from among the Explorer Scouts were Saffron Walden Town Explorer Unit 'Black' team, led by Eoin Bailey.

Awards are also presented to winners from an 'Invitational section', which this year saw teams from troops and units in Cambridge, Southend Estuary and Watford taking part.

A trophy was awarded to Hitchhikers ESU from Cambridge, while the adult trophy was awarded to Harlow District Leaders 'B' Team.


The adult catchers also get into the spirit - with 62 out of the initial 290 'lives' knocked off the competing teams throughout the event.

This year's best catching team were Hayden Plumb and Rory Wilson, who got a chorus of boos as they accepted their award.

All of the event participants came away with a badge and a special '20 years' woggle (a scout's neckerchief).

The winners were all given a special 'winners' badge.

Jailbreak event leader Kevin Rule said: "This event shows you what scouting is really all about –having a fun time and working together as part of a team in order to achieve personal and group success.

"Well done to all of the participants, as this year, they all finished on time. Remarkable achievement!"