Rev'd Paula Griffiths will reflect on the art and architecture of German churches at St Mary's Church in Saffron Walden.

The talk, 'Churches in Germany and the Legacy of Luther', will be held in St Mary's Church Parish Rooms at 2.30pm on Sunday, November 26, with tea and coffee available from 2pm.

Paula and her husband Roger spent three weeks in Germany in July, travelling from Hook of Holland to Bavaria and returning by a different route.

The talk will include examples of architecture and art of German churches through the centuries, and discuss Martin Luther and his legacy in workshop, the German language and culture.


Paula said: "We’ve been to Germany, and Bavaria, several times before, but this journey prompted especially deep reflections and insights about Germany, its development, its present, its churches, and how these have affected us too.

"For the first time, we took in parts of what had been East Germany, and visited several sites which were crucial in the life of Martin Luther and the Reformation in Europe."

The talk will also explore the German context over the past 70-plus years, including recovery after WWII, churches rebuilding relationships with the Jewish community, division into East and West Germany and reunification, and the churches now.

Entrance is free, with an opportunity to donate to St Mary's Church.