A lecture exploring the future of life with AI is being held at Saffron Walden County High School in memory of teacher Tim Hardingham, who died in 2020.

Dr Henry Shevlin, an AI ethicist and philosopher at the University of Cambridge, will give the talk from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday, March 20.

Tickets can be booked for free by searching 'Tim Hardingham' on eventbrite.com.

Refreshments will be served from 6pm.

In the talk, Dr Shevlin will discuss how advances in artificial intelligence have been one of the most exciting and widely reported scientific developments of the last decade, but only recently have AI consumer products like ChatGPT started to become widely used.


Dr Shevlin will provide an overview of the biggest and most meaningful breakthroughs in AI, and offers his thoughts on how it will shape our lives for the remainder of the decade - from new creative tools to artificial private tutors and even computerised romantic partners.

Tim Hardingham taught physics at Saffron Walden County High School, joining in 1999, and later became reverend at St Mary's Church in Wendens Ambo.

He died at the age of 71 after a collision with a car while cycling with his family.