Author James Riley will be hosting a talk tonight at Hart's Books in Saffron Walden at 6.30pm.

The event will centre on Riley's latest book, 'Well Beings', a cultural history of alternative health and wellness in the 1970s, debunking common perceptions about wellness.

Riley, who also penned 'The Bad Trip', a book on the 1960s, will explore the era's unique approaches to self-care, emphasising its outlook on individual and social wellbeing.

Riley's work reflects on the birth of the modern health and wellbeing industry known as 'wellness' today, using popular culture references and experimental wellness attempts.

It portrays an era where wellness meant an aspirational approach to individual and social wellbeing rather than expensive luxury products and celebrity branding.

The audience can look forward to learning about lessons from the 70s which resonate with the present-day context of overwork and stress.

The event will allow participants an intimate glimpse into the book's background, and its key points along with a Q&A session and a book signing.

For those unable to attend, the book is also available on the publisher's website, Icon Books.

Tickets for the event, costing £5, can be secured in-store or via phone at 01799 524552.