Former Newport Grammar student Alex Boucher is set to publish a memoir taking readers on a nostalgic journey through the 1990s music scene.

Three and a Half Minutes of Fame, due to be released on April 27, gives an insight into Boucher's seven-year quest for fame after signing a record deal at 17.

Ditching school, Alex jumped from his US record deal to UK TV appearances, even joining a boy band.

Keeping a journal during the 1990s, Alex kept a detailed archive of his experience as a drummer and performer, in acts including Three And a Half Minutes, Travis Cut, NV and Jaff.

Saffron Walden Reporter: 'Three and a Half Minutes of Fame' by Alex Boucher'Three and a Half Minutes of Fame' by Alex Boucher (Image: Alex Boucher)

Since then he has worked for the Disney Channel, ITV, BBC and Channel 4 as a sound engineer, and now runs his own company offering services in the video games industry.

Alex wrote his memoirs during lockdown, showcasing the "unseen story of what happens when you don't make it big".

In the book, Alex shares his encounters with iconic bands on the British rock scene such as the Pogues, Suede, Blur and Mansun, and gives a behind-the-scenes insight into some of the popular music venues at the time, including The Square in Harlow, and Dukes Nightclub and the 'Y club' in Chelmsford.

As well as chronicling musical encounters, the book aims to show the trials and tribulations faced by aspiring musicians during a tumultuous era.

Alex describes his experiences from dealing with neo-Nazis and gangsta rappers, to personal tragedies and mental health issues - demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit.


Three and a Half Minutes of Fame also explores the world pre-social media, with descriptions of treasured love letters, and music as a form of rebellion and expression - inviting readers to relive the magic of the 90s and rediscover the soundtrack of their youth.

Alex said: "This memoir is a love letter to the '90s—a decade that shaped me and countless others.

"It's a tribute to the music, the culture, and the unforgettable experiences that defined an era."

The memoir will be available to buy at local bookstores, record stores and prominent online retailers.