Two streets in Essex have been ranked among the most expensive in the UK to buy a house on outside of London.

Manor Road in Chigwell and Norsey Road in Billericay were included on the top five list for properties outside of London.

The data was pulled together by the property website Rightmove creating the lists based on streets where there are at least five properties for sale and rent this year.

The most expensive streets to buy a house on outside of London

According to Rightmove the most expensive streets in the UK outside of London are:

  1. Old Avenue (Weybridge, Surrey) - £2,633,333 average asking price
  2. The Ridgeway (Cuffley, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire) - £2,289,286 average asking price
  3. Manor Road (Chigwell, Essex) - £2,219,444 average asking price
  4. Swithland Lane (Rothley, Leicester) - £2,024,000 average asking price
  5. Norsey Road (Billericay, Essex) - £1,800,000 average asking price

If London is included the most expensive street in the UK to buy a house on is Buckingham Gate in Westminster which has an average asking price of £9,633,333.

Alongside that, Essex also had two streets featured in the top five list of the most expensive streets to rent outside of London:

  1. London Road (Ascot, Berkshire) - £6,831 average rent per month
  2. Manor Road (Chigwell, Essex) - £4,311 average rent per month
  3. Deansgate (Manchester) - £3,766 average rent per month
  4. Holloway Drive (Virginia Water, Surrey) - £2,986 average rent per month
  5. Ingrave Road (Brentwood, Essex) - £2,898 average rent per month

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If London is included then the most expensive street in the UK to rent is Albion Street in Bayswater at an average monthly rent of £20,857.

Rightmove’s property expert Tim Bannister said: “London's status as the hub of luxury property in the UK remains unchallenged, with Buckingham Gate in Westminster commanding the highest average asking price.

"Although the possibility of buying one of these homes is limited to a very lucky few, there’s clearly a fascination with these prestigious homes as we find they’re often among our most viewed properties on Rightmove.”