The UK’s telephone network is changing. 

By 2025, analogue phone lines will be replaced by upgraded digital landline services. This means that home phones, telecare devices and personal alarms will no longer work if connected to an analogue phone line.

To continue to use these services you will need to switch to a digital landline. For most residents, this change will be free and straightforward. Most often it should be as simple as plugging your home phone into your broadband router instead of the wall-mounted socket. You’ll also be able to keep your phone number.

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When to contact your telephone provider

If any of the following apply to you, or someone you know, contact your telephone provider today for more information:

•             you do not use broadband at home

•             you use a personal alarm or healthcare device

•             you have additional needs

•             you live in an area with no mobile signal

Your telephone provider will tell you what extra steps you need to take to prepare.

Additional support to help you stay switched on

If you or someone you know uses a personal alarm or healthcare device, you will need to check if the digital switchover will affect how the device works. You should contact your telephone provider or the device supplier for advice on what you need to do next.

Digital phone lines rely on a power supply, so if there is a power cut, you will need to use a mobile phone. If your area has poor mobile signal or you have no mobile phone for emergency calls, your telephone provider will give you a solution to allow calls to be made in emergencies.

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Digital switchover scams

For all residents, your telephone provider should contact you prior to the switchover to discuss what you need to do to ensure your service won’t be affected.

Please be aware that incidents of fraud are on the rise. Your telephone provider will not ask for money to switch you to a digital line. Be aware of fraud – if you receive any requests for money, report it to Action Fraud: 0300 123 2040.

If you have concerns about staying connected after the digital switchover, contact your telephone provider and they will be able to offer advice.

For more information on how you can stay switched on, you can also visit Essex County Council’s dedicated digital switchover webpage at