A Saffron Walden dad can walk his daughter down the aisle after receiving knee surgery in France.

Greg Pryme's right knee was in need of repair following 22 years of military service and 10 years of prison work, refereeing and golfing.

With his daughter Ellie's wedding scheduled for late June this year, Greg knew something had to be done - and felt unable to endure the two-year wait for NHS treatment.

Even in the private sector, Greg could have had to wait several months.

Greg, a former military policeman, said: "I had gone from being very active, you have to be exceptionally fit to be an official in the Football League, to hardly being able to walk.

"My current job involves walking several miles every day and I was finding myself unable to cope. My responsibilities were beginning to fall on my colleagues, and this bothered me hugely."

Greg's partner, Kathy, who works at Stansted Airport, came across Elite Surgery Abroad, a recently-formed company run by Raoul Mkoh, along with Amiens-based hospital group Pauchet Sante.

The surgery cost Greg around a third less than the standard charge in a UK private hospital.

Greg said: "When we looked further into ESA’s offering, I could not believe its value for money all-inclusive price, there were no hidden costs.

"Just as important to me though was that surgery could be arranged within two weeks and I could expect to be recovered before Ellie’s big day.

“We arrived at our accommodation two days before the operation and I had my X-ray, discussed my case with the consultant, saw the anaesthetist who offered me a choice of general anaesthetist or epidural, and had my blood test, all within two hours.


"I then had the surgery, spent five days at the hospital and then 10 days recovering and undergoing physiotherapy.

"Now I feel like a new man and am well on the road to a full recovery.

"Once I am fully fit again, I will also be back on the golf course at the two clubs where I’m a former member, Braintree and Essex Gold and Country Club."