Iceland has caused fury among right-wing MPs after replacing the Christian symbol on hot cross buns with a tick.

It follows a similar uproar yesterday afternoon when Nike announced they were going to be replacing the St George Cross on the England shirt with "something different".

The buns are decorated with ticks which will be available alongside the traditional version, not replacing them.

The move comes after research suggested a fifth of customers would prefer the updated decoration.

Vocal Reform UK MP Lee Anderson accused Iceland of "virtue-signalling" with the change to the Easter treats.

The Ashfield MP told the Express: "It's this type of ridiculous namby-pamby virtual-signalling that is leading to millions of people echoing Reform UK's call to get our country back."

Senior Conservative MP Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg also took aim at the supermarket, which mainly sells frozen food.

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The former business secretary said: "Who would buy a frozen tick bun?"

The change has also come under fire from social media users.

Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten over Easter with the cross symbolising the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday.

Iceland's David Lennox said: “According to the research, it seems some people want to do away with the cross design and move to a tick instead.

“The results surprised us, but in true British fashion, we’re putting it to the test by trialling ticks on some of our buns.”